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What you need to know about under eye fillers and why we choose prp injections

What you need to know about under eye fillers and why we choose prp injections

While ghoulish undereye bags and wrinkles may be en vogue on Halloween night, for the rest of the year it’s something many people desire to get rid of. This is notoriously difficult to treat area given the multiple factors contributing to its cause. It can be due to changes in fat volume, skin laxity/wrinkles, and/or vascular abnormalities. Finding a safe and effective treatment option to address this issue is thus very challenging. Luckily, at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine located in Irvine, CA we’ve discovered a phenomenal combination procedure that effectively addresses this common problem!
Using PRP injections and serum along with a special Morphues8 prime tip with customized settings we have created a safe and stupendously effective treatment package. The Morpheus8 prime tip is specially designed to treat delicate small areas of the face. Delivering optimum amounts of RF heat energy along with precision micro needling it ensures the most comfortable, effective, and accurate treatment of the sensitive undereye area. This is paired with both a topical PRP application and a PRP injection to deliver your own body’s natural and most potent healing factors to the undereye site. This remarkable one-two combination produces undereye skin rejuvenation by tightening the skin, recoiling collagen, new collagen, and elastin formation as well as “fertilizing” the skin for revitalization. The result is a full thickness skin tightening restoration with the dramatic diminishment of undereye wrinkles and sagging. This leads to a breathtakingly natural, youthful, and refreshed appearance of your undereye areas generating joyous copious compliments of how sharp and energetic you now look and feel!
A very common request we receive from patients is to dissolve hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers that were previously placed under the eye. We at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine do not inject HA fillers in the undereye area. There really are no solid indications for doing so. In addition, HA filler injections under the eyes are fraught with complications and carry a very high dissatisfaction rate. HA fillers injected in this area are prone to migration and given the thinness of the skin under the eyes an undesired Tyndall effect (blueish discoloration) can occur. What’s more frightening is that the medial aspect of this undereye area is a high-risk region to inject given the high amount of vascularity within this space and the high degree of vascular confluence present in this location. This can lead to inadvertent intravascular injections of HA fillers causing necrosis from vascular occlusion and in a catastrophic worst case scenario blindness or stroke. One of the wonderful benefits of using PRP as a filler instead of hyaluronic acid is that it is devoid of these negative deleterious complications and can be safely injected under the eyes.
If you’ve had HA fillers injected under the eyes and are one of the many who are unhappy with the results, we have good news for you. We have multiple options for aiding you in resolving this issue. One of the modalities we’ve found works best is the use of the aforementioned Morpheus8 prime tip to melt and dissolve the HA filler. By adjusting the settings, the prime tip can not only dissolve the filler but do so in a uniform even manner to prevent asymmetry issues that can arise from other filler dissolution methods. What’s more (and here’s the great news) the Morpheus8 prime tip can at the same time help you achieve the undereye look you were originally desiring when you got the HA filler. This is especially so when combined with PRP treatments. We have had the honor and good fortune of delivering this simple yet life changing cure to several of our patients. The palpable ecstatic reactions to this treatment are truly inspiring to us and are what fuels us to keep honing the best in combination therapy to offer all our patients. Come see us soon!

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