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What Sets Dr. Lee at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine Apart From Other Doctors?

What Sets Dr. Lee at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine Apart From Other Doctors?

Patients Love That Dr. Lee is Very Caring
Dr. Lee’s exceptional knowledge and passion for the beauty and wellness industry are some of the first things you’ll notice about him. Whether it’s his colleagues or patients, people always feel assured and involved when working with him. From the moment you step into his office, patient care and experience are clearly at the forefront.
During your appointment at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Lee creates individualized care plans and educates patients on treatments and procedures that are tailored according to their specific needs and goals. He is extremely detail-oriented, and his colleagues occasionally joke maybe even overly detailed at times, but that’s exactly the level of care that he believes his patients deserve.
Dr. Lee is Always Polite
Dr. Lee is very kind and gentle and his pleasant nature makes for a very comfortable setting. He provides a fun, positive atmosphere, and patients usually always leave laughing or with a smile on their faces. In the words of Dr. Lee “We constantly have to fight the aging process and unfortunately, nothing is permanent in this industry.” Dr. Lee is here to fight that fight, right by your side.
Another thing that stands out is what an effective listener he is and how he genuinely wants to listen to his patients. His main priority is to help you reach your goals and he believes the best way to do that is by working together. While being treated by Dr. Lee, you will always feel confident that you are in the good hands.
Patients Appreciate and Value His Honesty
If it’s not the right time for a particular procedure, Dr. Lee will recommend alternative options that are perhaps more appropriate. He is always willing to revisit down the line and see other options that he can explore with his patients. He takes the time to go through and explain exactly why a procedure or treatment may not be right for you and strives to find an alternative that will still give patients what they want.
Dr. Lee collaborates with his patients through each step of the process. His main goal is to ensure that his patients are comfortable and completely happy with the results of their treatments or procedures.
Dr. Lee Sets Real Expectations
Dr. Lee deeply cares about and nurtures his doctor-patient relationships, and he always provides realistic expectations. He knows the importance of understanding that some things are achievable, and some things just aren’t quite as realistic. He is here to support and guide you to make the best decision that is right for you in terms of your wants and needs. He takes factors into consideration and chooses an approach that will get you closest to your desired outcome.
Dr. Lee applies his expertise and bountiful knowledge, to artistically create natural and remarkable results. If you are interested in learning more about what treatments are offered here at Jade Aesthetic Medicine and would like to discuss them with Dr. Lee or Nina, our talented practice manager, and patient consultant, you can schedule a free consultation today!

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