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What’s your skin type? Do you really know? Many people don’t know their unique skin type, which leads them to choose the wrong products for their skin. What people don’t usually realize is that the types of products they use has a direct and dramatic effect on how their skin looks every day.

To help you maintain a radiant, age-defying complexion at every stage of life, we proudly provide Skin Type Solutions. This science-based skincare system develops a personalized skincare regimen for you based on your unique Baumann Skin Type®.

Rather than focusing on just one skincare line, Skin Type Solutions has researched multiple cosmeceutical brands and gathered decades of evidence-based research to provide a wide range of options based on your unique skin type.

Skin Type Solutions works in conjunction with the Jade Phoenix staff, who have been chosen and trained by Skin Type Solutions.

Skin Type Solutions generates fully customized, effective skincare regimens that:
  • Contain ingredients shown to be beneficial to your skin
  • Do not contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin type
  • Include the best products for your skin type from multiple brands
  • Are in a set order designed to improve the penetration and effectiveness of the other products.

FAQs: Skin Type Solutions science-based skincare regimens

in Irvine, CA at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine

Your Skin Type Solutions skincare regimen is determined by your Baumann Skin Type. The Baumann Skin Typing System is the only skin typing system found in medical textbooks and used by doctors.
This system determines the presence or absence of the four barriers to skin health:
● Dehydration
● Inflammation
● Pigmentation
● Aging

Your Baumann Skin Type can be identified by completing the scientifically validated Baumann Skin Type questionnaire, available from the team at Jade Phoenix.

Once your Baumann Skin Type is determined, a personalized skincare regimen will be designed for you to address each of your barriers to skin health.

Step 1: During your Jade Phoenix appointment, take the Baumann Skin Type questionnaire using software provided by our staff.

Step 2: Once your skin type is determined by the questionnaire results, you will receive a customized skincare regimen designed to help your skin become the perfect Baumann Skin Type.

Step 3: Start using your new skincare regimen at home. You can refill your products through our office [or on the mobile app (SkinTypeSolutions)]?

Step 4: Enjoy! You will be amazed by how incredible your skin looks when you use your scientifically determined Skin Type Solutions product regimen made specifically for your skin type and needs.
This will vary depending on your Baumann Skin Type and your personalized product regimen, but these are the kinds of results you can look forward to:

● Dull skin will improve in a few days, feeling moisturized and fresh within one week.
● Hypersensitive skin will see a decrease in inflammation after two to four weeks.
● For skin with sunspots or melasma, it may take 12 to 16 weeks for skin tone to become visibly more even.
● For wrinkles or texture irregularities, you will see smoother skin with fewer wrinkles in six months or more.

Consistent and proper use of your personalized skincare regimen is essential for the fastest and best results. To further speed up results, you can even combine your regimen with in-office skin rejuvenation treatments!

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