Plastic Surgery Services

There’s nothing better than loving what you see when you look in the mirror. Our mission at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine is to bring out your personal best through unparalleled surgical skill and care. Led by Thomas Lee M.D., medical director and owner, Jade Phoenix offers the highest level of surgical expertise with the support of an experienced and dedicated medical staff.

At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, we understand how anxiety inducing, nerve-racking and physically uncomfortable these procedures can be to certain patients. We have the capability to safely and adeptly provide a full range of anesthetic services to completely alleviate these fears and discomforts as well as create a painless procedural experience. The vast majority of these types of sedation will not require general anesthesia and can be done under what is known as monitored anesthesia care, which is a deep form of sedation not necessitating airway instrumentation. In most cases, you will fall asleep, and in what will seem like a blink in time, wake up amazed that your procedure is all done. All anesthetic procedures will be performed and attended by a board-certified anesthesiologist with the latest monitoring and resuscitative equipment to ensure the absolute highest level of safety and comfort. If this is of interest to you, please let our providers know and we would be more than happy to discuss further details of this option with you.

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