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Liposuction near me in orange county


Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure used for the removal of excess body fat from specific regions of the body, such as the abdomen, inner thighs, flanks, buttocks, breasts, neck, arms, chest, etc. It involves suction lipectomy, which removes unwanted localized adipose tissue, resulting in long-term weight loss.

Gentle Liposuction with BeautiFill

BeautiFill uses cutting-edge laser technology to heat the tissue surrounding the fat cells, allowing them to be gently dislodged from the tissue and extracted with precision. This laser energy simultaneously tightens and stimulates collagen in the skin, allowing the skin to wrap and contour around your new slim figure. Traditional liposuction can leave you with loose, excess skin due to the dramatic reduction of fat volume.
This treatment is often referred to as “gentle liposuction,” because it generally involves less swelling and pain, unlike traditional liposuction, which uses manual force to separate the fat from the tissue. This abrasive method causes significant trauma to the body and often leads to post-operative pain and swelling.
BeautiFill is able to deliver results comparable to traditional liposuction in a gentle, efficient manner, while tightening and rejuvenating the skin –– something traditional liposuction cannot offer. Patients benefit from seeing quick results and short downtime with BeautiFill.
Great Liposuction Candidates
You’ve been working hard to create your ideal body and are still struggling with some stubborn fat. Maybe you are thinking that you would like to transfer fat from one area of your body to another. In either case, a superior liposuction experience with BeautiFiill may be a great option for you.
There are many benefits of BeautiFill over a traditional liposuction procedure, and the results are far superior.
Liposuction Alternatives
We have helped many women and men get rid of stubborn fat or even transfer fat from one area of the body to another. At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, we offer our patients different options for body contouring procedures, including an enhanced liposuction experience and fat transfer procedure with BeautiFill®, as well as the Evolve nonsurgical body contouring treatment.
360 Lipo
At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, we can provide a total 360 waistline transformation using the enhanced BeautiFill treatment. The procedure will contour around your entire tummy, flanks, and back, giving you stunning results to make you look and feel good from every angle.
AAAASF Accredited Surgical Facility
The BeautiFill procedure happens in our AAAASF-accredited surgical suite. Your board-certified anesthesiologist will place you under general anesthesia to make sure you’re safe and comfortable from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your cost for liposuction will vary depending on the technique selected and the number of areas being treated. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will create your custom treatment plan based on your needs and goals. He will also take into consideration your budget. Once your plan is developed, estimated costs can be discussed. To make your surgery affordable, Jade Phoenix Aesthetic accepts many payment options, and we will help you find low-interest medical financing.
Thanks to modern advancements, there are several non-surgical options to reduce body fat. Some of the most popular methods are CoolSculpting®, Vanquish, UltraShape, Liposonix, and KYBELLA®. While these non-surgical procedures may help some patients reduce mild to moderate fat pockets, liposuction is best for most patients. Liposuction surgery delivers more consistent and dramatic results. Talk to Dr. Lee about nonsurgical options during your consultation. He will explain the benefits of all your options and help you choose which is best for you.
Surgical liposuction only addresses excess fat in the body. For loose skin, Dr. Lee may suggest combining liposuction with a surgical body lift. Lipo is often performed with skin tightening surgery, like a tummy tuck, thighplasty, or arm lift, that can give you the best results. For cellulite, there are many non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments, including Cellulaze, VelaShape®, Venus Freeze™, and VASER® Shape. During your consultation, tell Dr. Lee about all your concerns, like loose skin and cellulite — so your best treatment plan is developed.
Before you have liposuction surgery, it is important to be prepared to maintain your results. While liposuction reduces the number of fat cells in your body, you can still gain and lose weight. Dr. Lee recommends that you be at or near your ideal weight prior to liposuction. Afterward, it is best to stay within 5 – 10 pounds of your post-surgical weight. Getting pregnant after liposuction will also affect your results; however, a second surgery or mommy makeover may be done to refresh your appearance.

Free Liposuction Consultation

If you are unsure if BeautiFill at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine is right for you, we suggest a free consultation as a great first step. Let our amazing medical staff determine the right treatment plan and if see BeautiFill is right for you.

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