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How Does BeautiFill Work for Fat Transfer and Skin Tightening?

How Does BeautiFill Work for Fat Transfer and Skin Tightening?

BeautiFill is an FDA-approved patented 360-degree laser for skin tightening and fat transfer and removal. It offers precise body contouring with the ability to smooth and tighten the skin while removing unwanted fat from a patient. The popularity of this cutting-edge form of laser liposuction continues to grow day by day. One of its distinctive features is combining laser aspiration and processing into one easy step. But, how exactly does it work? This blog will explain how this technology manages fat transfer and skin tightening in its process and where to find it if you want to get cosmetic surgery near Newport Beach, CA.
Laser Cosmetic Surgery: Skin Tightening For Enhanced Results
A distinctive quality BeautiFill offers is the skin tightening effect that shows notable results after the treatment. It does this with a patented and skin-safe 360-degree laser, which causes dermal heating during the procedure. It contracts the existing collagen in the patient’s skin and stimulates new collagen to form, creating a tighter and smoother-looking skin in return. This patented laser mitigates the amount of saggy skin that is often seen after traditional liposuction methods. This specific benefit is handy for sensitive areas, such as the face and neck and parts prone to cellulite. Laser energy is directed underneath it to separate it from body fat, breaking the pockets of cellulite to achieve a smoother, tighter look on the skin.
BeautiFill For Fat Removal and Grafting
One of the benefits this laser-lipo technique offers is its fat transfer technology to achieve optimal body contouring. It implements a specially designed radial tip fiber covered by a Mercedes blunt cannula which permits a low-power density 360º radial emission. As a result of its specific build, this design forms a thermal atmosphere within the body that eases the softening and detachment of the fat while simultaneously aspirating it.
In recent years, autologous fat transfer methods have become more sought after, and this is due to a number of things. Autologous refers to using one’s own cells and tissues instead of external elements to do a medical procedure. The first notable advantage this brings is the increased likeliness that the cells will integrate naturally into the patient’s tissues, given they share the same origin. This fact, combined with the immediate availability of the patient’s fat to be repurposed on their own body, augments the possibility of restoring volume and having longer-lasting results than synthetic alternatives.
This type of fat transfer could be especially advantageous for patients with sensitive skin and specific allergies to commonly used medical materials. BeautiFill transforms these issues into a safe and effective experience without the need for surgery.
The Suction Process
As mentioned before, Alma’s star product comes with an integrated cannula and fiber interface that allows for a quicker and simpler process. While it is delivered to the tissues, the laser cauterizes blood vessels simultaneously; this reduces bleeding and body trauma to a minimum, unlike what is typical for mechanical liposuction. This mix of lasers and suction turns into a single process instead of two separate ones, preventing the provider from fatigue. It also significantly reduces the recovery time for the patient after the procedure.
Additionally, BeautiFill’s unique radial emission method minimizes the risk of burns by distributing energy evenly during the treatment. It also removes fat cells quickly and helps tighten the skin in a homogenous and efficient way at the same time. The smooth skin tightening effect is possible due to the thermal energy created by BeautiFill’s 1470 nm diode laser, which stimulates collagen production and coiling. It results in firmer, tighter skin all around the treated area.
Laser Lipo Near Newport Beach | Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine
Thanks to the modern technology in liposuction brought by BeautiFill, cosmetic surgery does not need to be a painful and lengthy endeavor. If you are looking for a body contouring specialist near Newport Beach, Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine is your best choice. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will help you obtain the aesthetic results you desire while getting the best possible experience. Rest assured that this technology is an effective and safe option for both laser lipo and skin tightening. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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