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Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) SmartGraft System: Hair Restoration | Irvine, CA

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) SmartGraft System: Hair Restoration | Irvine, CA

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the SmartGraft System: Today's Top Hair Restoration Method | Medspa in Irvine, CA
Hair Loss happens to men and women alike as they age, though it may also occur earlier than expected. Hair is a big part of our image and how we express our personality. Going through pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, can significantly affect our self-esteem and become an insecurity. However, thanks to novel technology, there is an effective and minimally invasive hair restoration alternative to surgery: SmartGraft. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative treatment and how it can benefit you. If you are looking for the best hair transplant treatment in Irvine, visit us at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine.
What Is SmartGraft?
SmartGraft is a novel technology in hair restoration that substitutes the need for invasive and uncomfortable surgery by using the follicular unit extraction  (FUE) method. This cutting-edge technique harvests individual follicular units from the donor area (the scalp, beard, or chest) for hair transplantation. The procedure results in natural and permanent hair growth in the treated area.
FUE has gained recognition in recent years, replacing the “traditional” follicular unit transplantation  (FUT) procedure, also known as the “strip method.” This surgery involves extracting a whole piece of skin or scalp along with the follicles and transplanting the skin to the desired location. FUE has grown in popularity over FUT because the former is less likely to result in complications, where parts of skin or hair do not match the surrounding areas. It also results in minimum scarring, unlike the strip method’s surgery, which leaves a large linear scar across the back of the head.
How It Works
Given that every person’s hair and medical condition is different, you will first need a consultation with your physician to get a scalp evaluation. This initial assessment will aid in developing a strategic plan tailored to your needs and determine how many grafts will be required to ensure natural-looking results. During the procedure, we numb the implant areas with local anesthetic before using SmartGraft  to remove the grafts from the donor area. SmartGraft’s technology operates on a microscopic level, extracting up to four hair follicles simultaneously from a region of the head with healthy hair. Once extracted, these grafts are then implanted into the desired area, producing natural and healthy results with minimum or no visible scarring.
While follicular unit extraction methods tend to need many hours or even multiple sessions, SmartGraft reduces these times significantly. Depending on how much hair regrowth is necessary, the procedure could last only a few hours in a single visit. As hair growth is a gradual process, you should see improvements around three months following your treatment. You should see a noticeable and positive change in the treated area at the six-month mark.
SmartGraft Benefits
Natural-looking Hair Growth
Unlike other methods, SmartGraft uses your own healthy hair to fill balding or thinning areas, achieving the most natural results.
Advanced Technology
SmartGraft’s cutting-edge technology is minimally invasive, performed in-office, has better graft preservation, and has a short recovery period.
Little to No Visible Scarring
SmartGraft’s micrografting technique reduces visible scarring, unlike other hair transplantation methods that remove large strips of hair, leaving massive linear scars.
Restore Your Self-confidence
Effective and long-lasting hair restoration can help you regain your self-confidence. Thanks to SmartGraft, you can look in the mirror to see a thicker, fuller head of your natural hair.
Hair Restoration Treatment in Irvine
Hair loss is an unfortunate part of aging for many people, and genetics may sometimes help it happen sooner than expected. However, this does not mean you should resign yourself to living with a bald spot. At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine , we offer SmartGraft, the most innovative hair restoration treatment. Dr. Thomas Lee and his experienced team take an evidence-based, scientific approach to selecting your treatments to ensure you receive the most sound, proven, safest, effective, and advanced therapies. Schedule an appointment  to visit our medspa in Irvine, CA, or call (949) 988-0289 today for more information.

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