BeautiFill Laser Assisted Lipolysis
Remove and Restore Volume

Give yourself the ultimate, all-natural, age-defying lift with BeautiFill™, a state-of-the-art fat transfer technology at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine in Irvine, California.

FDA-cleared BeautiFill helps replenish lost volume in the face or body using your very own fat cells, revealing plumped up, intensely revitalized and youthful looking results that last.

Please note: “If you’re interested in fat reduction only and do not require fat transfer, BeautiFill provides superior results as a stand-alone laser lipolysis treatment, as well!”

Another wonderful advantage with the BeautiFill laser assisted lipolysis is skin tightening.  One issue which may arise after fat removal is loose sagging skin after liposuction.  The thermal heating from the patented 360° radial laser enables gentle, smooth, and direct dermal heating.  This promotes neocollagenesis and contraction of the skin resulting in a more natural tighter skin appearance after the fat is removed.

With our state-of-the-art facility, we are proud to be a designated national training site for Alma Lasers’ BeautiFill Masters course.

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FAQs: BeautiFill Fat Transfer

in Irvine, CA at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine

In one simple, in-office procedure, BeautiFill uses proprietary laser technology to remove fat cells from one area of the body, where the fat is undesired, to an area where more volume is desired.
BeautiFill uses a proprietary laser that is able to gently extract the highest quality and amount of live fat cells. Inferior fat transfer methods destroy too many fat cells during the extraction and reimplantation process, resulting in inferior results. In a clinical study, BeautiFill fat transfer patients reported greater than 90% fat cell viability. The more living fat cells you transfer, the higher your chances of cell survival following reimplantation and the better your results.
Not at all. BeautiFill fat transfer is a simple in-office procedure that requires only tumescent and topical anesthetic. You should feel comfortable throughout your treatment.
BeautiFill involves a lower incidence of common liposuction side effects including swelling, redness, bruising and some minor bleeding at the areas of extraction and reimplantation. In the event these side effects do occur, they will resolve in the days and weeks following your procedure.
One treatment is typically all you need to achieve your desired results with BeautiFill fat transfer.
Because BeautiFill fat transfer uses your very own fat cells, not foreign substances, you should enjoy long-lasting results, up to several years following your fat transfer procedure.
Downtime will depend on the amount and location of the fat you are transferring. Typically, one day at home is all that is needed before you can resume your regular schedule. Please note: You may need to wear a compression garment in treated areas to ensure your body heals and conforms to your desired shape. You should also avoid strenuous exercise until you are given the go-ahead by your provider.

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