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BeautiFill, Evolve, & Liposuction – which one is best for me?

BeautiFill, Evolve, & Liposuction – which one is best for me?

BeautiFill, Evolve, & Liposuction – which one is best for me? Everyone’s favorite hallmark of new beginnings, clean slates, and goal setting has rolled around: the New Year! A common sentiment shared is the New Year’s resolution of weight loss! Gyms get packed and grocery shopping gets a sudden healthy kick to it, all for this to fizzle down within a month’s time. It’s frustrating to put effort and time into diet and exercise, only to not see the full results you’re hoping for. Time and time again these same goals roll around every New Year because that dream body has been a difficult feat to achieve… until now.
If you’re tired of wishing and are ready to make it happen look no further! With the latest innovations in in-office procedures, we have the perfect solutions to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.
This innovative all-in-one procedure gently removes unwanted fat and tightens sagging skin while preserving the quality of the fat so that it can optionally be transferred to other parts of the body, such as the buttocks, breast, and face! The beauty of BeautiFill is that this can be done simply, in-office with a substantially shorter and easier recovery time than traditional liposuction. This means that results can be seen quicker, and the patient will feel less discomfort during their recovery period!
How does the BeautiFill treatment work?
BeautiFill uses patent ed cutting-edge laser technology to heat the tissue surrounding the fat cells, allowing them to be gently dislodged from the tissue and extracted with precision. This laser energy is also able to simultaneously tighten and stimulate collagen in the skin, leaving your skin tighter and mitigating the sagging skin effect from traditional liposuction (traditional liposuction can leave you with loose skin and excess skin, due to the dramatic reduction of fat volume).
This treatment is often referred to as “gentle liposuction,” as it induces less swelling and pain in the patient, something that is prominent in traditional liposuction, which relies on manual/mechanical separation of the fat from the tissue– an abrasive harsh crude method that causes significant trauma to the body and consequently, pain and swelling post-operatively.
BeautiFill can deliver comparable results to traditional liposuction in a much more efficient and effective manner, while tightening and rejuvenating the skin– something traditional liposuction cannot offer.
Fat Transfer with BeautiFill
One of the most noticeable signs of aging is loss of facial volume. This unfavorable consequence of getting older can leave the skin looking deflated, losing the youthful fullness and structure it once had. With BeautiFill, you can remedy this and restore lost volume, giving your face a plumped up and lifted effect. As if that wasn’t great enough, the fat transfer also has the ability to dramatically smooth out deeper lines and wrinkles, giving exceptional results. Unlike synthetic hyaluronic acid dermal fillers which only last for around a year, fat fillers are completely natural (they’re your body’s own fat) and are more permanent, lasting for 3-5 years. There are other potentially powerful regenerative benefits of using your body’s own fat which you can discuss with your provider.
Aside from restoring loss of volume, maybe you wish to enhance or plump up other areas of the body! Fat transfer with BeautiFill can be used on areas of the body you wish to accentuate. Areas such as the breasts can be enhanced, giving your body a more natural breast augmentation. The buttock area can also be improved with natural filling for example the “hip dip”.
Why is BeautiFill superior for fat transfer?
Because of the state-of-the-art laser energy technology used, the fat cells remain healthy and intact when extracted from unwanted areas. With traditional fat transfer, results are widely varied and can be unpredictable because of the death of fat cells that are transferred.
The quality fat that is transferred can give a rejuvenating effect to the overlying skin and has a higher survival rate than traditional fat transfer. With traditional fat transfer, patients may be satisfied after the procedure, however, the result isn’t likely to last. A significant amount of fat is reabsorbed into the body and the plumping effects begins to subside over time, which can leave the patient feeling like the long-term result isn’t as much of an improvement as they expected and hoped for.
Fat transfer procedure with BeautiFill offers both doctors and patients the comfort in knowing that they are benefiting from precision, and a predictable result.
Dermal Fillers vs BeautiFill
The use of dermal fillers is a popular option to address volume loss in the face, however, there are many areas where fat transfer may be a more suitable option. Dermal fillers are a great option for quick facial rejuvenation; however, they are temporary and require patients to come in more frequently for injections as the filler dissolves over time. The use of fillers over time can run the risk of migration into unwanted areas of the face and are not suited to address large volume loss in the face.
Fat transfer with BeautiFill provides a long-lasting result, that usually does not require the patient to come back in for additional treatment or maintenance. Using your own body fat, it can be safely injected into the face and treat more significant volume loss.
Have you been working out but still find trouble losing that last bit of stubborn fat? Even with the sincerest dedicated effort, it seems like those problem areas we have still refuse to leave. The Evolve system by InMode is a great way to contour your body and put the finishing touches on your weight loss efforts– all done non-invasively in-office without the downtime of invasive procedures.
How does Evolve work?
This procedure uses radiofrequency energy to distribute heat, tighten loose skin, and target unwanted fat, while simultaneously using suction and energy pulses to effectively contour the body. Using radiofrequency energy remodels the skin, and reduces the appearance of any unwanted folds, leaving your skin tightened and toned– something that cannot be addressed with diet and exercise alone. The skin benefits from increased elasticity and rejuvenation which enhance the fat-reducing effects. In addition, Evolve also has an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) feature. Electrical energy stimulation is emitted to contract the muscles which build muscle tone and refines the appearance and strength of your hard-earned muscles giving one a more defined, toned, and sculpted look.
Patients undergo this procedure by simply wearing the Evolve device on targeted areas for 30-60 minutes per session, making this a “lunchtime” procedure!
Recovery and Downtime
Evolve is a quick and non-invasive procedure meaning there’s little to no downtime at all! Patients who are on a busy schedule or don’t have time for the extensive recovery period of a surgical procedure are able to undergo this procedure with ease and still achieve great results. Daily activities may be resumed shortly after.
Traditional liposuction has long been the most famously known staple for quick fat loss, but it’s seeming like its long reign may come to an end with the newest innovations in aesthetic medicine. Although traditional liposuction is an effective option for fat loss, it is not as versatile as options such as BeautiFill. Patients may find that they are left with loose and sagging skin post-operatively and will have to seek additional skin tightening procedures to address this issue. The use of BeautiFill’s patented 360-degree laser helps to tighten the skin and mitigates the sagging skin issue.
Fat harvested through traditional liposuction is also of lower quality and can sometimes give unpredictable results during fat transfer procedures, as the rate of dead fat cells is much higher. This can lead to multiple fat transfer procedures that can become costly and time-consuming for patients who aren’t achieving their desired results. Traditionally, only 60-65% of the fat harvested by traditional methods is viable. With BeautiFill, the fat obtained has 95%-97% fat viability. This produces a more predictable, better, and sustainable fill which ultimately leads to superior results and regenerative qualities.
Traditional Liposuction works by using manual, brute force to separate the fat from the tissue, causing immense trauma to the body. Post-operatively, there is significant swelling and pain in the patient. Recovery time is extensive, making this an impractical option for many patients who have to resume work or don’t have the luxury of free time! Due to the amount of swelling that occurs from traditional liposuction, the results aren’t seen for a prolonged period of time, which can be discouraging for the patient.
Which procedure is right for me?
With the advancements made in fat-reducing procedures, it is clear to see why in-office procedures are becoming increasingly popular and more viable options for patients.
BeautiFill offers a powerful all-in-one system that can dramatically remove and optionally harvest fat for artful volume restoration and plumping. The Evolve system is great for those who are looking to trim down and target stubborn problem areas and want an option that doesn’t require any downtime.
BeautiFill and Evolve are both great solutions depending on your specific needs. It’s time to stop wishing for your dream body and come get it at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine!

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