Our medical spa, Jade Phoenix, is named after the auspicious, lustrous gem stone (aptly called the “stone of heaven”), signifying health, vitality, compassion, beauty, wisdom, grace and good fortune, paired with the mythical bird symbolizing eternal rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, regeneration and boundless energy. We sincerely hope to embody these very qualities in our service to you.

Board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Thomas Lee and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charlie Chen offer years of acclaimed surgical experience and patient care to reveal your absolute best both safely and comfortably. Committed to providing a most caring bedside manner and the most personally tailored treatments possible, Dr. Lee and Dr. Chen are passionate about helping you feel nurtured through every step of your aesthetic journey. At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, it is our great pleasure and privilege to serve you!

Your comfort and safety are everything.

Here at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, we understand that undergoing cosmetic procedures, even non-invasive forms, can produce anxiety and discomfort for many. As a board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Lee is thrilled to offer a full range of anesthetic services, most of which will not require general anesthesia, to create a stress-free experience with the highest level of safety and comfort.

We are an AAAASF-Certified Facility

All surgical procedures at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine are performed by board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Charlie Chen in our AAAASF®-certified in-office operating suite. Considered the gold standard in accreditation, AAAASF represents the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. Established in 1980, AAAASF is an association dedicated to ensuring patient safety by upholding hospital standards for both office-based and outpatient facilities. AAAASF accredits thousands of surgical facilities worldwide. Our surgical procedures are also attended by an anesthesiologist, a medical doctor (MD) who specializes in anesthesiology.

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